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Creating An Organized Intentional Living Household

After 8 years of quitting my full-time law firm job, I can say that I have become an expert at having had created an organized intentional living household.

My Intentional Living House

If you didn’t know I am a mom of 3 boys under 9 and wife to my husband for the past 11 years. As a stay at home mom, I have definitely learned the tricks of the trade that help me to run a home through intentional living strategies and hacks. I most often times have found myself struggling to keep things in order and organized. Especially in those times when life just happens right? When the unexpected happens like the kids get sick, or you have extra items that pop up in your schedule things have a tendency to fall totally out of place. A great thing that I have discovered about keeping things organized is that when the items in our home have their own home we can get things right back on track that has seemed to fall out of order.

On the blog “The Organized Mom” A guest writer talks about the psychology behind keeping our homes intentionally in order. The writer connects a connects “Cognitive distortion” to our ability to keep or not to keep our homes in order. “Cognitive distortion is “an exaggerated or irrational thought pattern” that often leads to anxiety or depression. We convince ourselves that these thoughts are true even when they’re not. One of these thinking patterns is called All-or-Nothing, and often happens when we tell ourselves if something’s not one-hundred percent perfect then it’s a complete disaster.”

The thought is simple… if we can get it all done at one time why even try right? Wrong! When you live a busy life and have so many responsibilities like being a lady entrepreneur, a wife, a mom, a sister, and a friend you must learn the art of routines and strategies. These things will SAVE your life!


let me be clear about something I am by no means a perfectionist when it comes to my intentional living household chores strategies, but I can say that my experience puts me ahead of the game. I most often times have had women say: “How do you keep yourself looking like that with all the children you have?” or “why is your house so clean?” My reply is most often times hey it’s not always like this but I definitely strive to maintain a level of consistency that can only be achieved through strategy and consistency.


keeping my home in order takes work. It takes intentional living skills. I have put together some practical tips that you can definitely implement into your life to keep your ship running smoothly.

Here are the things I do and have researched that have successfully worked for others:

I create calendars:

Google Calendars have become a lifesaver to me when keeping things organized with all that I have on my plate having reminders are a great way to keep me on track with my task. Visit my Tools page to get your google calender now for free.

I use a planner.

My Yearly Planner is what keeps my life task at my figure tips. The fact that I can jot down my thoughts, task, and appointments that way I can be sure to get things done each day.

I created a daily, weekly and monthly chore list

My Chore List helps to keep me on point with all of me stay on point with my daily items so that I don’t find myself doing all of my chores on one day.


I believe that if you add these strategies into your everyday living you will find that you are able to get more done each day. I know that we all have a desire to live lives that we dream of and what I have found is that we really can it just takes intentional dedication.

Let me know in the comments below what kind of organized list or routines you have put into place to get your house organized daily.

Here is my list of favorite natural home cleaning products and organization hacks HERE

I have also created a free my clean house template that you can follow to keep things in your house in tip-top shape. Grab yours HERE

I believe in you!

Tamia Dawkins Enterprises

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