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How To Be Brave (Overcoming Your Fear To Move Toward More)

I recently found myself in search of some resources and inspirational content as I have made a very conscious choice to be brave in many different areas of my life.

The truth is that fear has been a real thing in my life that has tried to paralyze me on several occasions in many different areas of my life.

From struggling with worries about being a mom and wife to the fears of embarking on my entrepreneurship journey. I have been face to face with many fears. These fears somehow at times were able to get an internal grip on me as I persevered towards more in my life.

I believe that our past failures in life can sometimes cause us to fear what is next up. The fear of the unknown is what can keep us from progressing toward more…

I want to let you know that being brave is a choice. It is a choice that you and I must choose every single day of our lives in order to become our best. If we do not choose to move forward by trying our hardest to go against the flow of giving up we will most often times find ourselves unfulfilled and separated from our true purposes in life.

Ok so, I got a little help for you! But…

Are You ready to really move past fear to a life of being brave? I mean for real…

Because if you don’t choose to move toward more in life, scared and all you’ll be faced with yet another fear of staying stuck. So if I were you I would just keep going!


I want you to learn how to discover the truth about where you are in your life. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Am I surrounded by a tribe that supports me?
  2. Am I struggling with rejection?
  3. What past trauma have I experienced that keeps me stuck?

These are to name a few the questions that you must ask yourself as you begin to shift into the mode of moving pass fear on to being braver. I believe that these questions are great ones to start with because most times it is our past hurts, our lack of feeling supported and our inability to trust consistently that holds us back.

As you discover the reason for your fear of not being brave you’ll find that there is work to be done in you. We all have what I call our life’s work. It is our own continual transformative process of becoming time and time again.

I recently launch a mindset course that helps women to move past a place of disconnect with their purposes in life toward walking into being an intentional lady. This course was designed to help you move into your bravest version. If your looking for a great self-paced life coaching course then take it HERE 

In creating my course, I had oftentimes recognized as women how much we carry daily, and the continual pressures that we are under in our life. I have also discovered that in spite of our lack of resources or fears we still have to move forward in life.

Our kids still need to be cared for, our husband still needs to be loved and our jobs still need for us to show up. I mean life does not stop because we are weighed down.



The key to facing it all …all the things that really try to hold us back from being brave is to continue to move forward. Moving forward with a perseverance mindset that allows us to be healthy enough to know when to rest and not quit.

As you travel through your consistent journey of being brave in whatever area of your life that requires it… I want to encourage you to make it a personal self-care choice to become more aware of your needs. Please note that your awareness to self-care step 1…but your ability to be able to get your need fulfilled by doing self-care is another. As a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister or a friend I know this act of loving you and practicing continual self-care can become so hard to keep up with… but it’s necessary. Grab my self-care checklist as a guide to help you make self-care happen.


In conclusion,

Be sure to do the following things to assure that you will be moving toward being fearless and braver:

Learn to connect: Connecting with a therapist or a sober friend you trust to share your current struggles is a must. No woman is an island. All of us need outlets and locations to some times dump our greatest fears off at

Journal more: Journaling has been said to be free therapy for us. It also allows you to capture your current place and it encourages you to take notes of your personal growth.

Believe more: This journey of life requires faith. Each new day is a chance for us to believe again…and not just an opportunity to believe like we did yesterday… but it’s a chance for us to believe bigger and brighter.

I created a “How To Be Brave Worksheet” Just for you as you move toward more in your life. Feel free to download it HERE.

I am always excited to keep you moving forward so be sure to connect with me for more lady living resources by joining my free online club The Lady Society join HERE

See you inside beauty. Keep Moving Toward More…


Tamia Dawkins Enterprises


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