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How To Be Confident On Camera For Youtube Success

Confidence on camera when you are first are starting out as a small youtube or video creator of any type can be super hard!

I mean who really enjoys sitting in a room in front of a camera kinda talking to no one…well at least in the recording stages of you putting together your video content.

There are ways that you can show the confidence that’s really on the inside of you. I know that it’s in there so that you can make sure that you are pumping out absolutely amazing videos.


I recognize that going into YouTube we can kind of have a bad mindset as it pertains to how we perceive what the whole YouTube thing is about. It’s important that you start YouTube with an absolute mindset shift.

Y’all know, I love talking about shifting your mindset and that mindset shift has to be that you are not despising small beginnings.

Everything that you’re doing in terms of your whole YouTube journey is literally a process. It’s a journey and it’s absolutely beautiful. So don’t find yourself doing the comparison thing when it comes to watching other YouTube channels that are either emerging or people that are in the same process as you are. You have to focus on exactly what it is that you are doing as it relates to the content that you are putting out for your viewers.

So make sure that before you even shoot your first video, that you have a mindset to understand that you are absolutely amazing the messages that you have to give to the world.

People are going to be totally excited about it. Don’t get discouraged about your small beginnings, but absolutely show for the confidence that I know is on the inside of you.

Another amazing thing that you can do to build your confidence on the camera as a small Youtuber is literally placing your camera on your phone in front of you and whenever you have free time to literally be able to practice whatever it is that you are going to say to your audience, you want to definitely capture that so that you’ll be able to look back at your demeanor or whatever it is that your facial expressions are or your posture, and you’ll be able to perfect that more and more as you do your upcoming videos. Now, some people don’t necessarily believe this, but I believe it has experienced that your appearance can absolutely affect your life.


I think what people don’t realize is that whatever is on the inside will definitely come out. So if you’re a confident person on the inside, then people will be able to see that on the outside. So another thing I want to encourage you to do is really begin to work on whatever your self-perception is or whatever it is that you’re feeling within yourself to be able to help you to gain that confidence outside. And in order to build your confidence, you have to be consistently motivated. In order to be motivated, you have to be intaking different motivational factors that will help you to be able to consistently believe on the inside that you’re absolutely amazing. And then people will see it on the outside. And you can do that by reading books or getting connected to a community of other women that have confidence, that can help you to build your confidence. You never have to be ashamed if you do not have a level of internal confidence.

What we fail to realize sometimes is that there is a process of us becoming who we are, which is absolutely amazing. You know, one thing that totally helps me when I’m doing my videos is that I try to make sure that I have in my mind that I’m talking to someone I know.

And so if I have a feeling that I am sitting in front of one of my longterm girlfriends or someone that I know that I’m inspiring, then I can have the confidence that I need to be able to literally look you right in your eyes and tell you whatever it is. The message is that I have to be able to relate to you. And so I oftentimes think about home conversations that I have when I’m at my most comfortable state and it absolutely helps me to be as confident as possible.

Now another thing that you can do to make sure that you feel confident on camera, especially as a new YouTube, is making sure that you have a script. Why wing it when you could write down exactly what it is that you need to say within your message to your audience rather than trying to figure it all out. Now I know I’ve done both.

I tried to wing videos and I try to put together scripts and what I can say after being on YouTube for the past nine months, in particular, is that usually when I have an outline script, I’m able to definitely hit the points that I want to hit and absolutely cover everything that I’m looking to cover in my videos, which then, in turn, would have me to come across way more confident.

In Conclusion,

don’t feel bad about jotting down a couple of points in an outline so that you can get everything that you want to get out and look absolutely confident and the bomb doing just that.

I want you to know one more thing and that is that I absolutely believe in you. Don’t forget to leave a comment below!.

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