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How To Create Super Simple Youtube Thumbnails

Most YouTube creators don’t understand the power that is packed making great thumbnails. If you can get your targeted audience to go ahead and click on your youtube videos because of your custom made thumbnail, you will have the power to allow for the algorithm to suggest your videos so that you can get more people in your industry and niche watching your content.



There’s a couple of tips that you really have to have down pack, super easy things that you can jot down. And then as you continue to create your videos and your thumbnails, then you’ll automatically get in the habit of remembering these things for each thumbnail that you create. They help people to be able to see you when you create great thumbnails, you become visible instead of invisible on the youtube platform. 


Another really important part that you want to connect to is the Title of your thumbnail. You want to make sure that when you create your title, it is super clear. You want to make sure that it’s readable. You want to make sure that it is attractive.create. Now, you must realize that when you create your thumbnails, they help to boost your discovery.


You have to understand that the design on your YouTube thumbnails has to be vibrant. It has to be something that stands out or really attracts your targeted audience. You want your thumbnail to accurately be able to really help people to understand what your content is about. And so really that connects to the branding component of your YouTube thumbnails. You want to make sure that these thumbnails represent the brand that you’re promoting within your videos.

You want your brand to remain consistent, authentic, and trustworthy. Then it’s important that you make powerful thumbnails, but it’s also important that they absolutely deliver the content that’s expressed on those thumbnails.


There are three different kinds of software that we’re going to use to create your custom made thumbnails. And I’m going to show you in the most simplistic way, the first software is going to be Canva. The second one is going to be lightroom. And the third one is going to be Facetune app.


In your editing software take the clip that you just shot on your camera and export a snapshot photo so that I can get an export the snapshot from the film to keep the consistency of the branding. Put this photo into a folder on your computer.


Use all three software to edit the photo as well as creating the needed text for your thumbnail on the exported photo. Be sure to lighten up dark areas and use contrast as well as readable fonts. Use other influencers’ on youtube’s thumbnails as examples to create your own.


Create a PRIVATE youtube playlist to store the videos that show the youtube thumbnails that you found that you like form other youtube creators. This will help you to stay inspired as you create your thumbnails for youtube.


For many more details on how you can get started on creating amazing custom thumbnails WATCH my full youtube video below!


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