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How to Script YouTube Videos (for more views and conversions for your online business)

Now, if you’re a detailed person, then you would have realized that there are so many different YouTube creators that use proven structures to be able to help to script their YouTube videos so that they can target the audience that they want to pull into their funnel to watch their content for youtube success or to build their online business.

 According to YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide. 79 percent of Internet users have their own YouTube account. Almost eight out of ten marketers consider YouTube to be the most effective video marketing platform. 94 percent of American users between the age range of 18-44-year-old accessed YouTube at least once a month. This means that youtube has so many opportunities for creators just like you and me.

The key to obtaining this success is to strategize your success on youtube and that can be done by scripting your youtube videos 

 My YouTube career thus far, I think I’ve tried just about every way. I’ll try winging it. I try reading word for word in a very robotic way, but I found it the most proven way that you can go ahead and script your YouTube videos is by putting together your YouTube script in a bullet point method.

When creating youtube videos you want people to be able to know how genuine you are when it comes to educating them or putting together entertaining content for their liking. One thing that I realized about myself is that if I do not have a bullet point outline for any type of video that I’m doing, whether it’s from my YouTube videos or from my courses or for online training is that I do too much talking and rambling.

I have discovered that if you do not write down particular points that you want to go ahead and hit in your videos. So what you want to do is write down be exact bullet points that will go ahead and trigger your memory for the point that you want to go ahead and pull out in your videos.

Now, I don’t care how perfect people come across in their videos. The key to having success and putting out YouTube videos, in particular, is making sure that you are editing the videos that you’re putting out there onto YouTube. Now the truth is that you’ll never have any perfection in terms of putting together YouTube videos, but they’re definitely is perfection when it comes to editing your videos.


Here are the items that you are going to put together in your script planning as your foundational first drive. Remember that you are creating strategy and structure.


Here is your foundation that you can use before you start your bullet point script: 

  1.  you’re going gonna write down the topic of your video 
  2. You want to really focus on what your video entails, what is it going to educate the people that are watching with, a
  3.  Brain dump all of the ideas surrounding whatever content it is that you want to create for your YouTube video. 

 Now in order to make sure that those bullet points really have a structure, I’ve come up with a script method that I think is really going to be able to help you to keep it simple. So you’re going to structure your YouTube script into three parts,

Script Structure: 

INTRO BLOCK, a CONTENT BLOCK, and then the last part is going to be the END BLOCK And within these blocks, you’re going to write down the bullet points that you have so that you can keep your video structured and scripted. 


In your intro block, you’re going to go ahead and put together something called a hook. Now you’ll find in the marketing world, and especially with online business builders that most oftentimes when they’re putting out content, whether it’s on Facebook or whether you see them on Instagram, within the first few lines of the content that they’re sharing, you’ll find a hook. So the point of putting together this particular hook is so that you really hook the attention of your particular target audience so that you can get them to convert.

 So that conversion in terms of YouTube would happen if you want them to go ahead and subscribe to your channel. Or if you want them to subscribe to your email list or if you even want them to subscribe to the particular program that you have to offer.

One thing you want to make sure that you’re doing is delivering. Once you hook them in, you don’t want people to be completely agitated by the time they finish watching your 20-minute video without them feeling like they got exactly what they needed with watching it. So you want to make sure that you are not getting stuck in the intro block of your video because people don’t have long attention spans. You want to make sure that you get that hook and then you pull them into the funnel. You state all of your points in terms of your hook and you keep moving. 


Now you’re going to go ahead and move on to the content block of your script that you’re going to use for YouTube videos. And in this particular block is where you’re going to give all the meat and education and just everything that you want your viewers to be able to know in terms of your topic within your video.

Now within the content blog, one thing that I found that you can go ahead and plug into as a bullet point within your script is to go ahead to give a call to action of engagement in terms of having people to engage in your comment section so you can say to them something like this. So do me a favor in the comments down below, let me know thus far what part of this video in terms of you scripting YouTube video really has been helpful to you thus far.

And so what that was was an example of how you can put together a call to action so that you can get people engaging in your videos. But you definitely want to put that as a bullet point so that you remembered to do that within the content block of your scripted videos.


In the end block of your script at YouTube videos is one of the shortest parts, like your intro video. So remember I said that in the intro video, you want to keep things informative, but short and sweet in the content block. in the end section, you really want to give people direction for what exactly they should do next. This might be to subscribe, which might be another call to action or to join your membership etc.


The last thing you want to do within your end block of scripting your videos and putting your bullet points together is basically to give a very memorable closing. And what this does is it makes your brand for you to channel very evident and visible. So people know within your tribe that this is the thing that you say when you go ahead and you and your videos. It’s your special thing!

So there you have it… every successful YouTubers proven youtube script method that can drive traffic and create conversions to their youtube video content for growth and success on their youtube channels and within their online businesses.

Watch the video below for more details on how to structure your youtube video script. 

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I believe in you!

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