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Did you know that now is your time? It is your time to Build Your Life. It's your time to gain clarification about who you are in life. It's time for you to make your dreams your reality. Over the last couple of years, I have learned the power of living an intentional lady life and the fullness of the power that exists in this truth. I'd love the opportunity to help you create a life that you will love through helping you develop and become the best version of yourself in your lady entrepreneurship endeavors, family life, and health. You got this! I believe in you. Let's take the journey. -Tamia Dawkins

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I am a multi-passionate lady driven to touch the lives of many other ladies through teaching them how to obtain their goals and dreams in Entrepreneurship, Intentional living and self development. I want to show you how intentional living can take you to places you have never dreamed of in your life! Let's connect...Let me show you how!.  **P.S I believe in you!**



I absolutely enjoy being a part of your Domina Entrepreneur Society online club.  You have been so motivational to me each week.  Your ability to inspire me to move forward is what matters most.  You are awesome and I tell everyone I know looking for empowerment as a woman to check you out!


Wow, you have no idea how inspirational you have been. You really are a multifaceted diamond. Your roles as a mom, wife and online business owner are totally inspirational.


Thank you for everything you did to help me get my business up and running.  Being new to the online business space your video tutorials on youtube really helped.  Love that you provide support and that I can actually get in contact with you when I have questions.


The Lady Boss Online Blueprint is an amazing and informative guide that helped me built the foundation of my online business. Thank you...


Tamia Dawkins is an amazing inspiration to women all across the world!

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