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INTENTIONAL LIVING PROGRAMS Entrepreneurship| Health| Life Coaching


So, you have a desire to become the best version of yourself, but you don’t know where you should start first. You have been searching for anwsers and a path to follow so that you can get on your success track towards a more savory successful life, better health or simply having a healthier mindset. You need to get clear on your direction.  My signature programs and course will give you the strategy and the clear direction you’re seeking to bring your intentional lady living desires to life. Get ready to bloom! Whether it be trying to gain a healthier perspective on gaining a healthier mindset or getting your health on track toward moving forward in your purpose and confidence so that you can complete your dreams to own a business I’ve got you covered. In my intentional living programs I will be able to help you to co-create what you have been most desiring in your life and business. Use these programs to help you to become the best version of yourself. It’s called living the intentional lady life! -Tamia D.

THE LADY INSTITUTE (The Home Of All The Intentional Living Programs)

Join the #1 ladyhood program online digital e-course, webniars for the training and development journey that you need in every area of your ladyhood journey. This program guides you to take action and strategically build the lady life you really want & deserve through self-paced module trainings in mindset life coaching, health coaching and beginners entrepreneurs. Connect to my online communities Lady society & Domina Entrepreneurship for continual support and more. You will be trained and equipped with a whole new perspective and fresh tools to help move you forward toward victorious and abundant living.

The Intentional Lady – Online Mindset Mini Course On Sale ($47.00)

The Intentional Lady course was created to create transformational change for the lady that want more in life. This course will teach ladies how to live an intentional life that they will love through practical living principles and special strategies that can be applied through attainable action steps that teach those taking the course how to mentally create the change that they deserve. After taking this course youn will be empowered to move toward living your dreams instead of just daydreaming about them. 

The Intentional YOU – Group Life Coaching Program (Starts May 2020)

The Intentional YOU group coaching program was created to help women discover the parts of themselves that they are struggling to uncover (mind, body and soul) in my 6 week group coaching program. The six-part session structure of transformation that you will experience during our time together will help you to gain momentum and change toward your goals no matter what you are trying to accomplish. Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds, or finally write your book my program will help you to move past your false and limiting beliefs. Helping you to move on towards your true purpose and accessible goals. You will be finally living a life that you love! 


DMC is your one-stop shop online business building resource to help you launch your Creative Marketing Solution for building a business you will love. Domina Creative Marketing is a consulting and business coaching partner to  your business. At DMC we focused on Growing Your Brand Online or Offline by Gaining the proper visibility for your ideal client avatars.  You can’t make sales if people don’t even know you exist! My innovative marketing strategies and solutions will help you attract attention for your brand while giving you the relevant tools to build your business. Connect with DMC for a creative discovery call session to see if we can make your dreams come true.

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-Lady Tamia Dawkins
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