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START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL In 2021| The Beginner’s Guide to YouTube for Success.

Have you believed the lie that YouTube is dead, it’s overly saturated and that you don’t have the power to become the latest and greatest YouTube influencer?

I believe that when you are starting YouTube, you have to have so many different mindset shifts to becoming a part of this particular platform. So many people come into YouTube with just one particular perspective and that is that they’re this small and tiny itty bitty fish in a huge sea and it going into the YouTube game, you have this particular mindset and how will you ever grow, but you have to realize that you have something special to be able to bring to the YouTube platform.

And if you can believe that first, you can get absolutely millions of other people to be able to believe the same exact thing. You need to realize that YouTube is a super hard job, but it’s something that’s not impossible.

There literally is a formula that must be consistently followed in your own unique way so that you can grow and scale your channel from zero to millions right away.


What you have to realize is that there are literally layers to reaching your success on YouTube. It’s like baking a three-layer cake. What has to go into that cake is the eggs and the flour and maybe a little hint of vanilla. And then on the outside, you have to do the exact, an amazing spread so that it can all absolutely come together.

So YouTube is no different. You just have to make sure that you have the right layers in place on a consistent basis. I mean your own recipe and then it’ll all absolutely come together, but you have to go into it making sure that you have the mindset that you are building something. You’re building a legacy, you’re building opportunities, you’re building a brand, you’re building your presence on the YouTube platform.

That has to be the mindset!


when you first get started, you have to figure out what your videos are going to be about.

What do you want the topics that you are going to be talking about in each video to be about?

What excites you?

What’s connected to a hobby that you may have?

Do you have a business endeavor that you want to be able to connect to a YouTube channel?

For me, I’m a life coach and also a health coach and I also teach women how to be able to build businesses online that they absolutely love and I knew that YouTube would give me the opportunity to be able to plug into another audience of women that would be excited about the exact same things that I’m excited about that I want to be able to teach them on this platform.


Once you’re clear about the topics and exactly what it is that you want to be able to teach or entertain with and your particular videos and that’s half the battle going into YouTube, you have to realize that you are giving people value. Like you heard me mentioned before, either you’re going to get on this platform to entertain or educate.


What is it that you teach? What is it that you love? What is it that you’re good at?
When you begin to do research about SEO, it is literally an abbreviation for search engine optimization.
How can you allow for the content on your channel to become searchable?
What Keyword can you use to get your content visible?
You want to make sure that you’re using titles that you know that the average person would be searching for. What are you searching for when you’re on YouTube?
It’s important that you make sure that you have in mind the different ways that people would go about looking for you. More videos. So the algorithm will learn how to love you and your videos will be the first for people to be able to view.
One thing that I realized is that there is an evolution that happens when you’re doing YouTube.
Yeah, sure. You might be influenced by somebody else’s channel that you see within your niche, which is absolutely fine.


I believe in, not copying, differentiating yourself, and someone else.
You may find, does not work for you. And so you might try to put together a particular kind of lighting that you think would work out because your favorite influencer said that it worked for them. But let’s say that your square footage in your studio space or in your spare bedroom or wherever you’re shooting, your videos might not be able to hold those lights. You’ll find that you wasted money.

So, for instance,

in my videos, I have no lighting sometimes. I do own a ring light, I do have other softbox lighting, but I choose to sometimes use the window lighting and it’s absolutely natural and absolutely fabulous.


So once you discover who these particular influencers are, you are going to begin to just write down some of the qualities or some of the different things that they are doing that you can apply to what it is that you’re doing on your YouTube channel, but make sure that you stay authentic and you stay as unique towards your vision for your YouTube channel as much as possible.


There’s not one thing going on. There’s another, and I totally get that. Especially being a mom of three boys being married for over 12 years. I understand all the things.
If you can pre-record your videos or make sure that you do some batching in your videos, as soon as you have the opportunity to be able to do so, then you’ll find that you’ll be able to keep a consistent momentum.
 Now I’ll be the first one to be transparent, which I love to do as much as possible. Now to do this video today, I was interrupted more than one time.


 It is important to note that the algorithm is always doing something absolutely brand new. And so when you want to make sure that you’re doing is consistently learning, consistently doing research about how you can grow and scale your channel, that’s why it’s super important to plug into other influencers that are within your niche that can kind of show you the way, especially if they’re a couple of steps ahead of you, which is all good because we never people in life that are on the same levels.
So whoever it is that you can look at as a mentor on the YouTube platform, you definitely want to plug into them so that you can get your next steps and absolutely grow your channel.


I decided to put together a little free gift for you to thrive and how on youtube.
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So there you have it, just a few of the tips on how you can START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL In 2020| Beginner’s Guide to YouTube for Success.

I totally believe in you!

Tamia Dawkins Enterprises

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