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The Things You Need To Know Before Starting Youtube

The Things You Need To Know Before You Start A Youtube Channel: YOUTUBE! Most wonder WHY if they should even try to start a youtube channel.

I’d say youtube is definitely still a thing, and I want to give you some insight on the steps that you MUST take before you even start a youtube channel for explosively growing your brand online and getting your message out.

Here is the truth…

I started my first youtube channel called “Thought OF A Lady” back in 2014. It is an inspirational channel for Christian women that teaches them the art of intentional lady living. You can check it out HERE 

Truth be told because I understood my WHY and I was passionate about making an impact in these videos I started off on a pretty good foot!

The bad thing was that I was not consistent as I even knew I should have been. Long story short the channel has less than 80 subs to date.

My reason for failing was because of my lack of know-how. My desire to grow my channel was not enough alone. I needed a strategy.

However, after a massive amount of studying and strategizing, I discovered the need to invest in my desire by studying and implementing my new strategizes on my current NEW youtube channel HERE.


If you have invested in reading this article then I know that you have the desire that I had to make your youtube channel the successful platform that you know it has the greatest potential to be. Here are the things that I believe that every person should know before even starting a youtube channel.

  • Find Your Niche:

Find your niche! Your niche is a thing that is best fitted; a specialized market” as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

One of the hardest things that will work against your youtube success is your inability to find your avatar. Meaning the person that you were created to serve and connect to in your videos. Be sure to figure out your WHY so that you can then connect to your niche! This will help you to make videos for the audience that best suits you and your gifts or skills. Here is a video that will help you find your niche.

  • Get Started NOW!

Have you ever heard of the slogan “JUST DO IT” this slogan was the shoe company Nike winner slogan that helps them to scale in their business, and it’s going to help you too? I want you to get started now. The longer you put starting your youtube channel off the longer it will take to gain the growth that I know you can create

  • Be Consistent

In this youtube game consistency is the name of the game! You must stay consistent so that you can perfect your channel once you get started. one of the greatest ways you can stay consistent is thorough planning before you even get started.

In conclusion,

These are my tips for getting you started on your adventure of becoming a YOUTUBE Creator. HERE is a free checklist that I created for you to help you on your journey to great youtube blossoming.

Never forget that starting a youtube channel isn’t just a hobby but really is a fulltime project and dedication. If you are going to make this happen in a successful way you must be intentional.

I believe in you and the world is waiting for you! 

Have these tips been helpful to get you started? If so, comment below!

Check out my youtube video for even more tips on “The Things You Need To Know Before You Start A Youtube Channel”

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