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I believe in adding value to those that connect to me. So as I have traveled on my journey as a lady entrepreneur I have gained knowledge of several resources that have helped me move forward in my journey. Here are the tools and resources that I’m using to build my online businesses now.

       Organization|Email List| Planning|Social Posting| 


Asana is a great organizational app that helps you keep your production smooth. If you are working on a team project this app is great at the closing task and keeping all items in order

Google Calendar 

This app helps me to keep my life on track. From cleaning reminders to client meetings this covers it all. I love it most because of its connection to all of my other Google apps. The integration is amazing!

Google Suite

Google drive is my everything literally!  calendar, and connection platform, all If you are connected to Google Docs “Forms” which are amazing for making (great for surveys) or using “Slides” to create pdf workbooks. There is so much all in one.

Convertkit is an email marketing platform it helps you to keep things organized in terms of your mailing list. Connected to this your followers will have the chance to stay connected to your voice.

Sprout Social is your definite go-to scheduled posting app. I love it because of its ability to let you know about the trending post. So you can always have insight and content about what you could post on social media

Hootsuite is a social media managing guru in and of itself. On this platform you can schedule an automatic social post on just about every platform.

Tech Stuff| Lighting|Video Software

Macbook Pro

I am a macbook lady for the past 8 years and I simply love it! If you are not able to make the investment righ away HP Chrome books are affordable and great.

Canon 80D

I invested $1200 into this camera and I love it! It makes you feel official. I use it for all my videos and courses. If you can’t afford this investment your phone camera is designed great!

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